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10/12 Sunday 08:53PM

refreshing expression

B Y   S Y E N   S O F I A N

I was impressed when I received an invitation for the opening of the exhibition, nicely printed together complete with the event programme. I was really looking forward for todays’ event, Sunday 9th February, 3.00 p.m., knowing that there will be artistic performance and surely to see familiar faces of the local art scene.

I received a text message while I was getting ready this afternoon.. “btw, I didn’t see you during the opening event last night?”. What last night?... so I had missed the opening as I was too impressed with the invitation itself rather than to actually read the content. I should have save the time and date in my alarm as I usually do when I received an invite, but I did not and I have left the invitation in the office. So anyway, I still stick to the time of which I have no idea where I got it from and head to Kiulap.

It is always refreshing to see new artworks especially if it’s in a new gallery in town and knowing the people behind this exhibition and the venue, and to know all the work they have put up in making it all happened already won me over.

‘Expression’ is organised by
Kaleidoscope Studio, which is founded by Lisa Ahmad, an artist with credible experience in the art world particularly in the neighboring capitals. Kaleidoscope Studio has been active locally early last year and ever since then has started gathering resident artists under its wing. This first local exhibition by Kaleidoscope Studio is held at Saffron Cafe. The gallery space is located right next or I should say ‘next within’ this posh cafe. Visitors will go through the cafe entrance and up to the mezzanine level where you will find the entrance to the gallery. The gallery space is managed by Kaleidoscope Studio and the space is also available for rental for other artists who wish to use it for exhibition or work.

It is refreshing to see the set up of the gallery, bare minimalist with no fuss. Casual, relaxing and I was not intimidated into rubbing my chin while staring at the artwork pretending that I was experiencing the strokes, colours, mood and feelings that have been pour into it. I believe that art is more about the artist rather than their work. You will not know how to appreciate Monet work if you have no idea who he was, so are all the other famous artists that the whole world knew about today, hence the reason why most masterpieces are only valued when the artist died and their story has been told.

So there I was, simply stood in-front of each artworks, appreciating them. Of course, knowing all the artists involved in this exhibition helped me to appreciate their work without the need to speculate further. I have experienced their previous works and I have seen their work evolved with every exhibitions they were involved in, and I am truly impressed of what I'm seeing. It is truly admirable to see how each individuals can make a difference in their own field if they start to take charge of the direction and work with others who are also like-minded. 

‘Expression’ is a moving exhibition and the next venue will be at the Alliance Francaise in Kiarong, check out their facebook page to find out more about the activities there and soon after that ‘Expression’ will be at The Souq, level one in the Airport Mall, follow their facebook here for updates.

The young breed of local artist could use more decent spaces for their work to be appreciated properly and with this it will create more of the much needed opportunity for local art scene to flourish. The collaboration of venues are a sign of very healthy growth of understanding amongst artists, it is also a sign of the beginning of a nurturing community of young talented people here in Brunei.

The artworks are also up for sale and looking at the works I am not surprise if they already got buyers lining up. Those of you who are enthusiastic about the local art scene, I don’t have to tell you what you should do now, do I.

Expression by Kaleidoscope Studio showcasing works by five Brunei artists;
Faiz Morshidi, Nur Khalisah Ahmad, Sam Siren, Temperative (Jannah), Winnie Cheng
09 - 15 February @ Saffron Cafe Mezzanine
16 - 22 February @ Alliance Francaise
23 - 01 March @ The Souq

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