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03/12 Sunday 08:06AM

Episode Six in Time out with Liz

Time Out with Liz took place last Sunday in a sixth episode featuring more local Bruneian talents. This time, the show featured Yusrina, who makes her own handmade jewellery under the name Enya Bijoux and Fri who runs home-based patisserie Vanilla Kitchen. Both parties spoke of their experiences, challenges and achievements in their respective industries.

Mutli-instrumentalist Zulle was the third guest to be featured in the event. He told the audience of his musical journeys and the story of what made him get into music.

Following a brief period of question and answer, the audiences were given a short demo on making macarons by Fri which was followed by giveways of scrumptious chocolate filled choux pastry and some macarons.

The night ended with a music performance from Zulle and his friend with a rendition of 'Use Somebody' originally by the Kings of Leon.

Time Out with Liz is a local talkshow hosted by Elizabeth or Liz as she is known by many. The talkshow focuses on food, music and people. For more info, check out the Facebook page here.

(Photos are courtesy of 1stopbrunei.com)

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