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02/03 Saturday 10:46AM

taste the speed of seaweed


If a joint European and Japanese development comes to fruition, in 2050, the Zehst will take you from London to Tokyo in 2 and half hours, cruising at an altitude of 2 miles, emitting no pollution, all on the power of seaweed. Tasty and powerful.

Although we would prefer to be ‘beamed’ up like in Star Trek, hypersonic travel will just have to do. The Airbus parent company, EADS,will unveiled plans for a stratospheric, hypersonic aircraft called the Zehst, in Paris. The ‘Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation’ will fly twice as high and twice as fast as the Concorde and will look like a lightweight version of the US Space Shuttle.

The plane will take off using biofuel made from seaweed or algae and switch to 2 other forms of propulsion above the atmosphere and the stratosphere. All three methods of propulsion are designed to meet future ecological constraints and cut down noise levels. The EADS called it a rocket plane.

For more on seaweed power by John Lichfield for The Independent, click here.

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