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19/07 Friday 04:15PM

say it on icorrect

image . www.icorrect.com .

If you are famous and are often featured in the media, you may find yourself aggrieved by words written about you on the Internet or the print media. You could have been misquoted, misrepresented or have blatant lies made up about you.  Whether the offending material is deliberate or not, you can't erase or undo it. You may want to set the record straight, clean up your tarnished reputation and end the gossips, rumours, speculations and misconceptions once and for all but short of suing the perpetrator of the stories, which is time-consuming and tiresome, how else can you get justice served?

Celebrities who often find themselves in this position now have a way to correct any accusations that are circulating in cyberspace or printed media, for a fee. ICorrect is a website where users can correct any accusations about them. Founded by Sir David Tang, a global entrepreneur from Hong Kong best known as the founder of the brand Shanghai Tang, the site 'provides corporations and individuals with their own webpages, in which specific corrections are posted against accusations selected by the corrector- from the internet or other media." The cost of correction for individuals - U.S $1,000, and corporations U.S $5,000 per year. To view the corrections is free.

Celebrities can have their say as many times as they wish on any bothersome reports involving them. Famous people such as Cherie Blair, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Tommy Hilfiger are a few of the ICorrect members who have used the site to disclaim stories written about them. We learnt that Kate Moss does not use social networking sites, "Don't try connecting to me on Facebook or follow tweets from Kate Moss, the real Kate Moss doesn't use these social networking sites.", and that Tommy Hilfiger did not say that he didn't want certain colour people to wear his clothes on the Oprah show - "These are untrue rumors. First of all, I only appeared on Oprah once when she invited me on the show to rebuke the rumor. Oprah herself said “This is a big fat lie!!!”. The beauty about this mode of refuting allegations and erroneous reporting is that the corrections are permanently on display on the site unlike a fleeting Twitter.

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