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19/07 Friday 05:30PM

The LithiumCard HyperCharger

By Leo Kasim

The LithiumCard is small, light and sturdy but don’t let its appearances fool you. This credit card-sized device holds a charge of 1200mAh and is able to “hypercharge” your devices in a short span of time.

In a press statement, the device maker LinearFlux said that the device, which is about the thickness of five credit cards stacked together, provides a “radically different approach on how smartphones, Bluetooth speakers and portable devices are recharged.” The statement continued:

“We didn’t want to do the same thing over and over again like everyone else and expect different results. We looked at what’s available today and there weren’t any ideal solutions, so we set out to make the thinnest all-inclusive HyperCharger,” said Kayson, Managing Director of LinearFlux. “We needed it to charge faster than anything that is available in the market. Because let’s face it, we all hate waiting. Charging the most power hungry devices while still blending with everyone’s lifestyle. Most of all, the solution really needed to fit in a wallet; since that’s what I carry around everyday; my wallet, keys and smartphone”.

What does the terms “hypercharging” actually mean? According to the company the LithiumCard is capable of delivering up to a one percent increase in battery life per minute. So an hour’s charge will give you 60 percent of battery life. For a device this size, that should be considered quite an achievement.

The LithiumCard is small enough to fit in your wallet. (images from LinearFlux)

The LithiumCard bears the hallmarks of a simple but effective design with barely any long cables that could get entangled. Instead, it sports a ‘flip-out’ for either micro-USB or Apple Lightning connector. It also allows users to simultaneously charge their devices while having the LithiumCard on charge.

Public response seems to have been positive even during the fundraising process. LinearFlux started raising funds on popular crowdfunding website, Indiegogo, on 26 February 2014 with a target of US$30,000. They raised more than five times the amount.

The LithiumCard. (images from LinearFlux)

The 'Chrome Red' LithiumCard model.(images from LinearFlux)

The company will be shipping out pre-orders by June this year with prices at US$49.99-$59.99 and you get more information or order the devices on their website.

The LithiumCard HyperCharger
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