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03/12 Sunday 08:05AM

children's art in lidice

images . www.mdvv-lidice.cz

Children's perception of their environment is different from adults, and through art, their thoughts and feelings can be expressed truthfully. The International Children's Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice (ICEFA Lidice) was established in 1967 to commemorate the child victims from the Czech village of Lidice murdered by German Nazis, as well as all other children who have died in wars.  It became an international event in 1973 and has since then become a well-known competition featuring incredible works of art by children from about 50 to 60 countries all over the world, with the purpose to allow children to express themselves through art.

ICEFA Lidice is a one-round competition for children between the ages of 4 and 16 from all types of schools and organisations working with children. Individuals can participate as well. An expert panel of judges comprising  art teachers and visual artists are tasked to pick around 1,200 pieces of artwork for the exhibition. Honourable mentions are awarded while the best receive the 'Rose of Lidice' medal. Since 2004, the chief organiser of the exhibition has been the Lidice Memorial, supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Czech Commission for UNESCO.

image . www.mdvv-lidice.cz

Themes for the art submissions usually revolve around the things children are familiar with - what makes up their world, what bothers them or what they enjoy - such as their pursuits, dreams, wishes, environment, school, family and friends. The theme for this year is inspired by Jiri Trnka (1912 - 1969), a world-famous painter, printmaker, puppeteer, sculptor and illustrator as well as the founder of Czech animated film. This year, being his 100th anniversary, the exhibition's theme is a tribute to him and his work - The Theater. The Puppet. The Fairytale.

image . www.mdvv-lidice.cz

Children can put forward creations based on:
    •    What I have seen in the puppet theatre, my favourite play, my theatre experience
    •    My favourite puppet, how puppets look in my country
    •    Fine art components of the theatre – the wings, the curtain, the make-ups and the costumes
    •    Who works in the theatre – actors, stage directors, musicians, artists
    •    The auditorium, the audience and the atmosphere of the theatre
    •    My favourite animated film, a draft poster for a film
For older children:
    •   The history of theatre from the ancient times to the present
    •    Famous theatres at home and abroad

image . www.mdvv-lidice.cz

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