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10/12 Sunday 10:29PM

suit up!

text . Pauline Chan .

A good suit does make a man so it is worth taking the time to know your suit-type. What style you choose is really up to your body type, your personal style and where you want to wear the suit to.  Suits don’t come cheap so it’s better to arm yourself with the right information and put yourself in a better buying position.

There is Italian style, British style, American style or Mandarin style. Bespoke,made-to-measure or off-the-rack. Solid, pinstripe, window pane, plaid or check patterns. Linen, polyester, wool, cotton, tweed, herringbone, flannel,silk, poplin, seersucker or cashmere. Still with me?

There is also the colour to consider. The colour you choose says a lot about you and you should pick according to your skin complexion and the occasion.
For most occasions, black, blue, gray, OK. White, pink, lime, Oh NO! (unless you’re a pimp).

There are also business suits, dress suits, vintage suits, designer suits and tuxedos. And you thought all men’s suits look the same!

For a study on men's suits, get an education here.

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