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03/12 Sunday 08:37AM


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It's not just women who get to hold it, tote it, sling and swing it anymore. Men can do the same and their variety of functionally stylish bags are growing. We are now witnesses to the rise of the man bag and even, the Murse - the man purse. There is a difference between the day-to-day-use bags and the ones used to show one's fashionable side. So, what's cool for a guy to carry these days? What's right for the workplace or an easy afternoon at the chic cafe downtown? Here's a mini guide to 9 of our favourite contemporary man accessory.

BRIEFCASE - Good for organising files, papers, books and iPads, the trendier versions now are not as boxy but have rounder curves and several compartments to keep things handy. It still comes with a rigid handle and sometimes buckles.  It is a timeless accessory to complement formal or work outfits. 

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HOLDALL - Also called a carryall, it's basically a duffel bag or a traveler's bag but its leather exterior makes it more classic and refined than the practical version. For light travel and short trips, this can be used instead of a boxy luggage. They are hot with casual weekend wear or business-casual attire.

image . Matadoe Men's Boutique  .

SATCHEL - A soft case with a strap that can be worn on 1 shoulder like a shoulder bag. It's school-student-satchel look exudes a hint of uptown sophistication. Great for the casual design-industry professional with a fashionista sense of style. 

image . Matadoe Men's Boutique  .

MESSENGER BAG - A larger version of a satchel bag with a strap to hang over the shoulder. Seen on messenger or courier boys, it's classic casual flair is popular with college students and cyclists. It's laid-back style goes well with slick street clothes. Canvas versions look casual on students while urban hipsters go for modern leather bags.

image . Matadoe Men's Boutique  .

CAMERA BAG - Smaller than a messenger bag which you can put all your valuables in, not just your camera. Comes with a long strap so you can strap across your shoulder. A functional and sleek classic bag that speaks volumes of style. 

image . Matadoe Men's Boutique 

TOTE - A softer and slimmer version of a carryall that resembles an artisan's bag. In soft material such as fabric or soft leather, it works perfectly with easy weekend attire to lug your shopping back. The structured hard-leather versions give an air of laid-back masculinity to any casual work wear.

image . Matadoe Men's Boutique  .

NEWSBOY BAG - Less formal than the messenger bag, this unstructured bag is inspired by those carried by newspaper boys who store papers in there for delivery. Usually in casual canvas but various materials have been used to update the bag for fashion-savvy students in chic campus wear.

image . Matadoe Men's Boutique  .

BACKPACK - Carried on the back, it used to be the item for function and practical use. The backpack has evolved into a trendy item in luxurious leathers and designed to carry the myriad of technological possessions of our times.

image . www.highsnobiety.com

CLUTCH BAG - A small masculine version of a hand bag that you can clutch in your palm or tuck under the arm.  These are rectangular buddies with compartments to organise your things and make a fashion statement about your trendy as well your practical side to keep your pants pockets smooth and bulge-free.

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With the plethora of stylish and masculine bags to add to your wardrobe, there is no excuse anymore to lug your possessions in your pockets and unload them onto the coffee table.  And no reason to be seen carrying your female companion's handbag in public. Man bags are cool!

image . Matadoe Men's Boutique  .

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