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02/03 Saturday 12:25PM

bruneions interview with heny salim

When we first saw Heny Salim The Flying Baker's cakes we thought they look just too good to be eaten. Heny travels a lot as a flight attendant with RBA but she took time out two years ago to learn a new skill - baking.  She bakes from home on her days off from work but this lady doesn't just bake, she excites. Her passion and love for her craft is unmistakable - the detailed-sculpting of the figurines, the perfect colour-combination of the icing and all the fascinating bits and pieces you would not have thought of that she adorns the cake with - makes the Flying Baker the female version of Benvenuto Cellini of our little cake world.

When did your love for cake décor begin?

During my diploma training school in Singapore - I love the detailing works.

Where do you get inspiration for your cakes?
From customer themselves, books and internet.

What are your favourite décor themes?
Birthday cakes and wedding cakes.

What did you do before you took up baking and cake decor?
I am still flying - as a flight attendant.

What are the tools required for your trade?
Good equipment such as oven and mixer.

How are the ingredients in your cake decor?
They must be halal and top quality ingredients.

What advice do you have for somebody who wants to take up baking and cake decor?
Baking: Don't be afraid to try and you must have time, only because baking needs precision and time. It’s all science. Can’t bake in too much heat otherwise your product will be burnt outside and not baked properly inside. It's down to trial and error. It will be good to take courses too or learn from the internet.  Cake decorating: Use your wildest imagination...

How long will it take to create a fully decorated cake?
It all depends on what the customer desires on the details. Some cakes take only a few hours, some take a few days.

What are the challenges to the cake decorating process?
Attaining the right colors, textures and shapes.

Any tips on producing a fabulous and unforgettable cake?
You will need some research, imagination and information from your customers such as their hobby, favourite color, etc.

What are your favourite 3 creations you have done lately?

1- His Majesty’s 65th Birthday cake - because it won 1st prize in a competition.

2- My roses - because they’re so pretty and look very real.

3- My best friend’s wedding cake simply because it’s custom made for them.
What would you like to do if you were not making and decorating cakes?
Backpacking around the world.

What dream gadget would you like to get for your cake business?
Air-brush machine and printer that can print with edible paper and ink.

One way you market yourself?
On Facebook, and in time, my cakes will market themselves.

Do you advertise? If so where?
By word of mouth.

How important is an awesome website to your business?
Very important and I am still searching for someone to help me out with my web page.

A website and/ or blog you visit often?
Google and Flikr.

Something you are still learning?
Every day is a learning day and I am still learning artisan baking.

What is your greatest fear?
For now, sky jumping. Funny huh? Considering I spend half my adult life in a plane.

Something that is overrated?
Color blending of the icing of the cake.

Something you are saving up for?
My own bakery.

What item do you wish you had designed?


If you could have lunch with anyone who is famous who would it be?
Oprah Winfrey and Carlos the Cake Boss. I want to meet the latter so we can discuss who will be the next Cake Boss… LOL.

Your favourite movies of all time?
Pretty Woman. I can watch it over and over again and it still brings warmth through my heart.

Finish this sentence – If I had one wish….
… is to make the world a better place and for everybody to eat my cake. :-)

Your readers can find out more about me and what I do at:
Heny Salim the Flying Baker on Facebook.

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