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03/12 Sunday 09:30AM

will these images deter smoking?

U.S will be releasing nine graphic images to help in their fight against smoking. These images, which will appear on top of cigarette packs, are aimed to shock and deter people from picking up the habit and encourage existing smokers to quit. Tobacco makers? Not a happy lot.

The U.S federal health officials have released images to be used on cigarette packets from next year. New packaging will carry larger label warnings and images to impress on the public the dangers associated with smoking. The images are to cover half of the upper front and back of the packets. The 4 leading tobacco manufacturers, who are threatening to sue, say that the images will impede their property and free-speech rights by obscuring their brand names, demonizing the companies and stigmatizing smokers. Smokers are a tough lot to break. Ask any smoker in Brunei and you will feel the resistance.  A few smokers surveyed on the New York sidewalk remain unmoved by the new images. A 46 year-old pawnbroker said, “Telling me things we already know. I’ll still be smoking.’

View these images and the article on The New York Times.

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