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03/12 Sunday 09:38AM

can't lose it!

We've heard it before.  It's so easy to put the kilos on but so hard to shed them. Food just goes into our tummies and somehow, they morph into something bigger, like a large cloud that gradually divides into small, wispy and seemingly harmless morsels and snuggle into the thighs, waist, butt and even the neck and bang! They grow and they settle.  They are like bad tenants who just won't leave no matter how hard you try to get rid of them.

Welcome to weight-loss world!  Losing weight is a difficult journey and if we can get a little help, it'll be all good.  We can slog at a work-out plan but we also need to look into our diet and eating habits, and curb food cravings. If you only watch your diet without any form of workout, you might find that your sole dietary solution to weight loss may not produce results either. Workouts should complement diet plans and the added bonus is, workouts can increase your good-feeling level.

Insufficient water and fibre can cause or worsen food cravings. Make sure you have enough insoluble fibre as it increases satiety and reduce cravings.  Find them in: fruits, vegetable, whole grains and whole wheat.

Consider more protein in your diet.  Why? It burns slower than carbohydrates and it helps to prevent blood sugar from falling too quickly which signals your body to feel hungry and crave food.  Allowing too much time in between meals can also cause/ worsen food cravings.  This can cause you to eat more and choose less healthy food.
To achieve weight loss, the calories you burn must be greater than your calory intake.  You can increase the intensity, frequency of your workout to achieve a greater loss.  If you are already doing intense workouts, ensure you eat enough calories because otherwise, the body will go into starvation mode and conserve energy in the form of fat instead.

Get more on this weight loss tip on Livestrong.com.

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