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02/03 Saturday 11:44PM

a classy soap opera

These humid, summer months are just pushing those who live in the tropics to duck into cooler air-conditioned buildings or take more showers. If you’re worried about the frequent washing stripping away your natural body oils, fear not. Soap up with an Indochine Natural Handmade Soap. Made with plant oils and exotic botanicals, it’s all the rage now to go soapy over handmade soaps.

Indochine Natural Handmade Soaps are simple, down-to-earth, high quality and 100% natural with no added chemicals, preservatives or synthetic substances. Their philosophy is that purity and simplicity are the best approaches to making a pure and natural soap for sensitive and normal skins.

Founded in Vietnam in 2006, they have expanded their production to Malaysia on Penang island - the heart of the ancient spice trade and the inspiration for their soaps.  They purchase their herbs and spices from traditional traders under fair trade principles and handcraft their soaps from coconut and palm oil using the 'cold process' method.

Indochine Natural Handmade Soap is made with good quality, natural ingredients. Coconut and palm oils are used to create exquisite emollient and lathering conditions and the glycerin is retained to maintain its richness,so you get a soap that is luxurious, moisturizing and extremely gentle.

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