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03/12 Sunday 09:00AM

armed and ready to clean

While we are on the subject of saving your environment, here’s how you can save money while you’re at it.  DIY your own cleaners.  Believe us, these natural cleaners are powerful stuff, and you will feel good using them.

Enzyme cleaners can easily be made with scraps and peels from citrus fruits and brown sugar, so before you throw out those scraps, consider making a cleaning solution from them. Enzymes are microscopic molecules that can collectively speed up a chemical reaction, break down organic material and‘digest’ organic dirt, proteins and mold. They are non-toxic, hence are safe to use around children and pets.

Enzyme cleaners can be used to remove tough stains and bad odors like vomit and pet smells
. However, enzyme cleaners should not be mistaken for having sterilization and anti-bacterial properties. So spritz and clean, marvel and gleam with this recipe from here.

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