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10/12 Sunday 10:44PM

home powered by crap?

British homes will be using gas made from human sewage for the first time as a pioneering £2.5m scheme in Oxfordshire goes live.  It is a progressive step to increase the amount of renewable energy in the U.K.

This was an article from 2010 but oh, we just had to bring this back, it will be foul not to. An ingenious way to recycle, the gas is produced by warming up ‘sludge’ – the solid part of the waste – by anaerobic digestion by bacteria and produces biogas. The ‘end to end’ process from toilet to gas grid takes 20 days. An average person produces the equivalent of 30 kilos of dried sewage-sludge per year. (Ed: Now that is not something I have ever wondered about.) According to British Gas, if sewage from all 63 million people could be used to generate renewable gas, it would meet the requirements of about 200,000 homes. Now, if we ran out of gas, would this be the source of energy our citizens will be ‘rear-ing’ to go for?
If your nose can take it, get a whiff of this story here.

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