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02/03 Saturday 10:57AM

tango with tangerine

Enter the dragon year with all things tangerine tango. The colour that the Pantone Institute has recommended for the colour for the year is a radiant red-orange colour that is all fiery and vivacious. Last year's honeysuckle, a warm, reddish-pink colour was intended to lift spirits and instill confidence while in the year before, the serene turquoise was meant to calm and soothe. This year, it was thought an 'energy boost' is needed to give strength to 'recharge and move forward', as reasoned by the people at Pantone.

According to the Pantone experts, the choice of the colour-of-the-year is drawn from colour influences in various industries - fashion, film, art, technology, popular travel destinations, and 'other socio-economic conditions.'

During the Lunar New Year celebrations, bright, vibrant and energetic colours are preferred, and the strong tangerine tango is just the colour to match the auspiciousness of the time. Red has always been the dominant hue, from red money packets to fashion, wall decorations to festive food served at the table.  The tangerine is also an auspicious colour as it is associated with the word for the tangerine fruit which happens to be a homonym for gold and a beloved association with wealth. This year's 'it' colour will no doubt manifests itself strongly in fashion, accessories and home decor. So this Lunar New Year, step out in tangerine and deck the halls with bouts of orange!

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