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21/05 Tuesday 07:25PM

A Quick Guide to Sofa

There seems to be an endless list of style for sofa, from the old classic style into the modern minimalist type. How do you choose the right sofa for your home is all depending on what you want and how you will use it.

Consider your existing household and furniture if you are buying an additional piece or if you wish to start something new, but don’t just look for the style that will best suit your decor. Keep in mind how you’re going to use it, and which one makes the most sense for your lifestyle.

It can be confusing sometimes since the style of sofa can be mixed of two or three, for example a Cabriole legs with a Camelback style, and to figure out the difference between a French and Italian Settee is like telling the difference between the shades of gray, there is just no point. We can’t decide for you but we can help you to know the basic style of sofa and what it’s called will help you to narrow the search.

Here’s a quick guide from Bruneions to some of the six most common types and styles.

The Camelback

A 18th-century formal style
The Camelback sofa are very traditional. A classic and refined design with its elegant sloping back that’s curved in the middle, then drops to the same height as its subtly rolled arms. The seats are completely upholstered with exposed wood legs, and nearly always have a tight back, and it is often tufted with no back cushion. Once you know this style, you’ll see it influencing many other type of design.

The Chesterfield

A 19th-century gentlemen’s club style
Chesterfield sofa has an all-over tufted, quilted look, often covered in leather, but the style now has also gone into fabric. Button tufting ups the elegance factor. There are no removable cushions on this style and the tailoring is very tight. Very elegant and posh, this is the style you will see in reinterpretations of 19th-century drawing rooms. The dramatically rolled arms are the same height as the back, purportedly the original design was kept low so that men could sit in them without wrinkling their suits.

The Cabriole

A 18th-century French style of Louis XV
The Cabriole sofa is named for the sinuous curve around to the back and legs. With a petite, refined seat it was a common fixture in French salons, very dainty and proper but can also be use in a more modern interior. A Cabriole sofa often feature an exposed wood frame to emphasize the shape, often with carved detail along with wood legs. It’s an extended version of the French bergère, and has no back cushions but loose seat cushions. Cabriole legs are often referred to the limb of dogs or lions and can be seen used as the leg in other sofa style.

The English Rolled Arm

A 19th-century British country house style
The English rolled-arm sofa is also known as Club Sofa. A classic with versatile, casual style. The arms has a rounded shape that is set back slightly from the front of the seat.  Total upholstery, from the tight back to the plush seat cushions. Usually on a caster and it is generally skirtless. The soft and generous seat cushion is very comfortable and loungy making it a perfect piece for kicking back.

The Lawson

A cozy 20th-century all-American casual style
Lawson sofas have squared backs, with arms that sit at a lower height, a classic that puts your needs first without sacrificing its proportion. Unlike the English rolled-arm version, the back and cushions of Lawson sofa are often loose, separated from the frame, allowing you to adjust the firmness. Lawson sofas are often on squared feet and covered with a skirt.

The Tuxedo

A 1920s glamorous, sleek and modern style
The Tuxedo sofa has the look of the Chesterfield, but with a sleek and modern silhouette with a clean, straight lines which define this look further. It works just as well in a classic or modern setting, but it is definitely not meant for lounging as the arms, straight and squared-off back are all the same height, and it lacks back cushions.

A Quick Guide to Sofa
There seems to be an endless list of style for sofa, from the old classic style into the modern minimalist type. How do you choose the right sofa for your home is ... More

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