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10/12 Sunday 08:54PM

battle acne with veggies

battle acne
Striving for an unblemished, air-brushed-effect complexion? Bypass the skin care aisle and head to the produce section! Eating more raw veggies might reduce breakouts by as much as 30%, according to new research. So forget beauty treatments in a bottle, get them by the kilograms.

Breaking out (not the act of liberation), is hardly a welcome sign of youth. But despair no further, a study from the University of Oslo found that women who take more than 5 servings of raw vegetables daily enjoyed significantly fewer skin eruptions. Why? It seems the antioxidants in the fruits and vegetables help reduce inflammation associated with skin problems. Also, British researchers found that skin-aging signs are less among women with high intake of Vitamin C. More evidence that beauty comes from within!
Check out veggie news and other healthy tips at Dole.

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