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21/05 Tuesday 05:19PM

moving into the future with a hybrid car

moving into the future with a hybrid car

Hybrid cars are cars that run on gasoline and one alternate source of energy. The common hybrid cars available now use of combination of gasoline engine and electrical energy from a rechargeable battery. Hybrid vehicles are a practical solution to the rising greenhouse gas levels and soaring oil prices. Auto makers like Honda and Toyota have taken initiatives to improve on the existing Hybrid tech


easiest places to do business
The World Bank has published a Doing Business 2010 report that measured 183 countries, covering the period from June 2010 to May 2011, and the top 10 countries that ... More

the apple of our eyes
We are all abuzz at the office about the introduction of the latest iPhone 4S from Apple. The new iPhone doesn't just come with slight tweaks and updates above ... More

concept-A CLASS by mercedes benz
Mercedes Benz has unveiled a futuristic, new look for their compact A-CLASS. As a front-wheel-drive car, the Concept-A CLASS benefits from both turbocharging and ... More

whew! it's the new wii u
Discover an exciting new way to enjoy home entertainment with Wii U, Nintendo's next home console. With a revolutionary new touch screen controller, precision motion ... More

fan-cy that!
From the man who gave us the sleek, futuristic bladeless air multiplier to cool our hot faces comes the hot fan to warm up your nights. It looks like the cool air ... More

the luxury called anonymity is no longer available
Internet users leave a lot of themselves on the Web and this makes it easier for every video, photo and e-mail to be accessed by other people, whether the source ... More

taste the speed of seaweed
If a joint European and Japanese development comes to fruition, in 2050, the Zehst will take you from London to Tokyo in 2 and half hours, cruising at an altitude ... More

i want an e-book reader this x'mas!
Hoping for an e-Book reader to bring on your holidays? Get a review on the latest e-book readers, then put your favourite on your wish list and visualize it into ... More