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03/12 Sunday 07:56AM

book review

book review

The Bruneions Monthly Book Review brings you reviews of popular books available from dBookHaus, Brunei. The thing about gossip is that while most of the time it’s the truth, sometimes it’s just a plain lie. That’s why we’re super excited to curl up with the latest book in The Lying Game series, Two Truths and a Lie,


children's art in lidice
Children's perception of their environment is different from adults, and through art, their thoughts and feelings can be expressed truthfully. The International ... More

french films at pusat ehsan
ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE BRUNEI (AF Brunei) held a screening of 3 animated films at the Pusat Ehsan on Tuesday 10th April 2012 during the French Film Festival week. ... More

french movies & crime nights
Alliance Francaise will be holding screenings of French films during the week of 7th - 13th April 2012 around the Brunei capital during the French Film Festival. ... More

francophonie week
ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE DE BRUNEI (AF Brunei) is celebrating their annual event – Francophonie Week - from the 16th to 22nd January 2012. This year, the Francophonie ... More

a slice of 19th century england
My trip to Cornwall and Devon refreshed not only my spirit but my love for history. It is not just ordinary history found in our textbooks but a special part of ... More

tokelau . running on solar and coconut
Somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean lies 3 large atolls - Nokunonu, Atafu and Fakaofo - collectively known as Tokelau. Their combined area is about 12 square kilometres ... More

book reviews
The Bruneions Monthly Book Reviews features a list of book reviews of popular titles available from dBookHaus, Brunei.
This month we highlight six titles: A World ... More

the barefoot movement
Back in 1972, Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy, founded the Barefoot College, in the village of Tilonia in Rajasthan, India. The Barefoot College is a rural college for the ... More