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29/11 Wednesday 10:41PM

amali's quaint and quiet corner

amali's quaint and quiet corner

Whenever I am out and about town on my own, I am wont to walk into a quiet eatery and just dine on my own, and while away the minutes with a magazine or paper. Today, I discovered a hideaway with an intimate setting...


pasta la vista!
The Italians own the pasta that we are all familiar with now and how lucky they are for it is such a wonderfully versatile ingredient that appeals to ages from 1 ... More

the bold and the beautiful
Beautiful is what Bello serves - beautiful food, beautiful ambience and beautiful dining moments. The concept for the cafe came from the name itself, which means ... More

genetically-modified food-is it safe?
There has been much protests and debates on GMOs in the news lately. What are GMOs and should we care? Treehugger put up an infographic explaining what genetically-modified ... More

the charms of sri lembayung
Padang cuisine originates from a town on the Sumatran Island of Indonesia called Padang. To have Nasi Padang is a very visual dining experience. A variety of cooked ... More

bruneions interview with heny salim
When we first saw Heny Salim The Flying Baker's cakes we thought they look just too good to be eaten. Heny travels a lot as a flight attendant with RBA but she took ... More

what's your breakfast?
The most important meal of the day varies around the world. Here in Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore, our multi-ethnic composition gives us the privilege of a wide ... More

10 food festivals you'll want to know
Food festivals vary in every country and culture where food is celebrated, venerated and appreciated. Some festivals hold events that are sometimes fun and entertaining, ... More

'no' to sharks' fin
Singapore-based supermarket chain, Cold Storage, will stop selling sharks fin and shark-related products. Cold Storage, which has 42 outlets across the country, ... More